Vanilla Ice Cream With Fried Honey Chips.

Four big scoops of vanilla Ice cream with fried honey chips, are simply marvellous to eat.When bored simply order for it from a nearby restaurant and enjoy.

The icy cold vanilla ice cream with those thick and crispy fried honey chips which is dripping with honey is a taste changer for the tongue and very beneficial for keeping the mind cool.Scoops after scoops will vanish down the lanes of the stomach and keep it cool and calm. If the fried honey chips are thick and twisted then know that they are quite heavy for the stomach and after having it for a while, there comes a time when one cannot eat anymore but there is still ice cream and honey chips left in good amount in the ice cream bowl. It’s an excellent dessert and superbly made invention of the chef who has invented it, in whichever part of the world may it have been and that chef has done a mind blowing job. There are scores and scores of ice cream out there, but the combination of vanilla ice cream with fried honey chips is simply excellent. It’s mucho superbo!

Happy Eating!



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