Happy Birthday TO Happy Birthday, Itself.

Yesterday, being 25 the February was Meher Baba’s birthday. He is the Lord of the Universe. Not only this Universe but all Universes.

Meher Baba was born on 25th February 1894.

His name is Merwan Sheriar Irani.

Each and everything that is visible, invisible, existent and non-existent comes under him. His touch can change anything into the most beautiful thing.

All humans have a particular good wish, good feelings towards their own birthdays.

All expect somebody to wish them “Happy Birthday” to him/her on his/her own birthday.

But is there a date on which “Happy Birthday” itself can celebrate it’s birthday?

Well according to “all good calculations” Happy Birthday’s birthday falls on the day when it is The Lord’s birthday.

So, many many happy returns of the day to you-“Happy Birthday”. Well it is a belated one. But better late than never.



Biological Term – Scolex

In zoology the term scolex is the part which is the frontal end of tapeworms.

Scolex has suckers and hooks with which it fits itself on hosts, who often don’t want to be fitted with.

Plural of scolex is solices.



Auto With a White Hood and Blue Stripe.

Yesterday, I was gazing out of window and was looking into the infinitely vast flow of vehicles, when an Auto rickshaw with a white hood and a big blue stripe at its bottom caught my attention. Auto rickshaws come with a black hood and a big yellow stripe is painted across it.

But the auto which was running among other autos looked unique, pleasing and the colour combination went well with each other.

Such sightings become a memory which can never be diminished.

Be happy and happy sightings.