See The Sky?

See the sky?

Ain’t it blue?

But to the one wearing,

A pair of green spectacles,

It appears almost greenish.

In the same way,

A man with no money,

Says its hot.

The one with it,

Adios it’s cold.


bless my pain

Bless My Pain.

Believe my pain,

Sing with me.

Let us all go to the sea,

Where the horizon meets the sky.

Sun will rise,

The birds will fly,

Red Sun gives reddish glow,

Shells on the shore very much know,

Only day and night causes my pain.

Touched the shells and see them shine.

Sometimes white and sometimes pink,

I cry to the mighty,

With what continuity,

We made this all happen,

They are on the sand,

And they are so happy.

I will come again.



Eating A Sandwich By The Rhine.

I don’t know how many of you have visited the river Rhine, but it is a beautiful, serene and calm river famous across the world.

It’s a huge tourism spot in Germany.

Nearly ten years back, my dad had visited that place and sitting very near to the river he had a sandwich, which he still reminisces about.

Often the words come out from him-“There is no place to have a quieter morning breakfast than the Rhine.  You can see the boats going by, people walking across the bridge and most importantly various birds flying across the sky.”

When I asked him what sandwich it was? He replied-“Who cares? I was lost watching the scenic beauty of Rhine.”

Felt like he was back in old times when everything was good.