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The Beauty Of The Christmas Tree.

The beauty of the Christmas tree is,

That it is blessed by Jesus and by Santa himself.

It can hold all sorts of surprises,

Gifts, candies, prizes and much more.

If I had a Christmas tree,

It surely would have decorated with a lot of surprises.

Adios ! And Merry Christmas.


A Train Stuck at a Signal.

A train was stuck at a signal for more than forty minutes. It couldn’t go ahead as the overhead wiring was not working properly and it couldn’t go back to its previous station as there were three trains in line behind this train.

The driver of the train was a thirty year old man, whose child, wife and mother were waiting for him at the station waiting room. The station master had offered them tea and biscuits.

The driver contacted the train guard who had already contacted the headquarters to ask for help.

He (the driver) was getting very worried as to when the signal would turn green, when he saw that a man dressed as Santa Claus was coming towards him waving his hands and in a flash Santa disappeared.

He was very puzzled as Santa did not come in mid-June.

Immediately, the signal turned green and in an instant the driver forgot all about Santa and with a push on the speed gear, the train started going ahead and very soon reached its destination. After having completed his official work he met with his child, wife and mother. The rest of the train which were stuck behind, reached their destinations safely and all were happy.

For that whole day when all train drivers would get ready leave their respective train engines, they would find a gift, neatly packed on their seats. The gifts would appear out of nowhere and on it “With Love, From Santa” would be written.

This had happened in Fairyland, where my friend the train driver lives.



The Bells are already Jingling in the North Pole.

Tonight is Christmas, the happiest night of the year and Santa in his unique dress would travel across the world giving gifts to little children. So, the bells are already jingling in the North Pole and as soon as Santa takes off in his sleigh, beautiful and wonderful gifts are sure to appear for children. Sometimes we feel that as if we can hear the bells jingling and soon Santa would be here gifting us our precious and beloved gifts. If you get any gift from Santa, be sure to keep it a secret as Santa’s gifts are as rare as “whole year no school, only holidays.”

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