Happy Birthday Lord Meher Baba.

The One And Only.

On this sweetest and happiest day,

Oh Lord,

Wish you many many happy returns of the day.

Today is the birthday of Lord Meher Baba.

Be happy always.

In the brightest of lights, warmth and love,

Let our love reach you.


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The Beauty Of The Christmas Tree.

The beauty of the Christmas tree is,

That it is blessed by Jesus and by Santa himself.

It can hold all sorts of surprises,

Gifts, candies, prizes and much more.

If I had a Christmas tree,

It surely would have decorated with a lot of surprises.

Adios ! And Merry Christmas.


Pinwheel and Cascabela flowers Spotted On Baba’s Birthday.

On 25Th February, I spotted the Pine Wheel and Cascabela flowers. It was Baba’s birthday (Meher Baba’s and he is the Lord Of all the Universes).

PinWheel is known as “Tagor” In Bengali and Cascabela is known as “Kolke” in Bengali.

Throughout India, you can see these flowers. But on the building wall these flowers were peeping above the fence.

These flowers which are white and yellow in colour respectively, often give relief from pollution.