A Dog And His Master.

A dog and his master,

Are Regulars,

At a restaurant.

It’s an uncommon sight.

The master loves chips and fish,

While the dog loves,

Few pieces of grilled chicken.

Sometimes, the dog even has some bland noodles,

And after having it,

He shakes his head,

Burrh, burrh, burrh, burrh.

But he loves it,

And asks for more.

The master lovingly pats his head.

It’s truly an unseen sight,

The sight of love,

Of a beautiful bonding between a dog and his master.



Marvel Of Being A Kid.

The Marvel of Being a Kid is astounding and highly blissful. The love got from ma and baba is beyond love. It is love in its purest form.

Being a kid gives a sort of freedom which can’t be got and expressed as you turn into an over growing bulb of an adult. With adulthood, it feels as if someone has cut your roots and stems and given you a load of homework, which only includes rubbish and money.

In childhood you can play with a toppling car, pilot an aeroplane and be the master of anything you wish to be. But with over dangling adulthood, you have to bite and eat that sugarcane which has no sweetness, only boredom, over load of burdens plus food also becomes an issue. If a person works from 10 to 10 in alternating shifts, then he is bound to miss anything and everything good happening at home. Many people with regular jobs have to work much beyond that time limit. Some people have to work from 08:30 am till 01:00 am. That means total sixteen hours job with thirty minutes being considered for tea, lunch and dinner break as their responsibility doesn’t allow them to take a break.

As a kid, you can go anywhere, adjust anywhere, play anywhere and be everywhere. Happiness of being a child is unlimited. School is also place for playing and having tiffins except studying. Nowadays, studying in school is done through mobile apps, so you can consider that time as time gone into the drain. Better let the children play, draw, sing and be ready for their tough and competitive future.

The ability to run as fast as you want remains only in childhood. As you grow different sorts of adults, various physical pains such as muscle pain, back pain, leg pain begin and they are like the recurrent EMIs of banks. To get rid of them you need to pay dollops and dollops of money to doctors and to the medicine shops.

The best thing which is the wonder and marvel of being a kid is nothing is out of your reach. Not even GOD.

If anytime, time permits then become a child for few hours and relive those childhood moments by playing a game of cricket, football or simply by singing out your voice in the bathroom.

Be happy.



An Inn For Travellers.

I have a strong wish and desire to construct an Inn for travellers.

There are many sorts of travellers, some who simply go on with life and some who can’t find A, B and C while travelling.

There is a new type of trend in travelling and that is the use of GPS and apps.

GPS only works in well-defined areas and in rural and semi-rural areas it nearly almost always causes trouble and apps are often more troublesome than being helpful.

The inn which I would construct would be located near a highway.

The rooms in the inn will be designed in the same way in which huts with modern amenities are constructed.

When guests enter any room in the inn, they will get the effect of entering into a hut, where in the tiles would give the effect and feel of soft and cold mud (as huts in rural areas are layered with mud as base).

The beds would be nice, soft and comfortable.

The walls would have paintings of rural lifestyles.

The corners of the room would be layered with artificial/ original hay to have a warm effect in the room.

The rooms would be cheap as to when a person goes for a travel or tour, he or she doesn’t want to spend doles and doles of money on rooms which claim to be second or third to Presidential suites but are not even equal to a single non ac room in style, maintenance and needs.

Pilgrims often are in need of inns and guest rooms as many of them travel on feet or are on continuous pilgrimage tour.

There would Be T.V. and air conditioning in each room.

The inn’s best feature will be a game room which will consist a table tennis table, badminton area, basketball area, chess and few arcade and video games. If possible a bowling alley too would be constructed.

If budget permits, I would like to construct an enclosed swimming pool too.

At the highway side, a huge advertisement board would be put, so that travellers are aware of the inn.

Last of all, the inn would be inaugurated by Ma and Baba and if all goes well, then the inn too would run well.

The inn would have a built in restaurant which would serve and feature low cost but excellently made and of superb quality food and drinks (soft drinks, soda, and fresh fruit juices) but no alcohol.

We (Ma, Baba and me) would live at a room at the top of the inn and run the inn beautifully and keep it well maintained.

The speciality of this inn is that the room and food costs are cheap and highly affordable. If anything is not made for the common man then that thing has no value.

So, the inn would open for one and all and if the whole project of constructing and running it becomes a reality then it’s a dream come true.

Dreams which are beautiful and can be realized for life, they are the ones on which human foundations can stand.



Soft fight.

We often squabble, quarrel and bicker for reasons unknown to us.

Soft fights occur everywhere. Most of them happen as frustrations are a recurrent feature in humans.

Buses are a common place of soft fights.

In a bus jam packed with people, it is a superb opportunity for a soft fight to take place.

You pass a man in a crowded bus, without an inch’s space to move and your elbow hits the man and instantly he flares up.

The man –“Are you blind? Why did you hit me with your elbow? Can’t you see properly? Nonsense!”

You-“Please mind your tongue sir. It was not deliberate. There isn’t a space to move in the bus. Still I am sorry.”

That man-“Sorry, Huh! Keep your sorry with you!”

You simply shake your head and get off the bus.

At a fish market, the price of the a particular fish which costed Rs.100 yesterday, costs Rs.130 today and then a soft fight is definitely going to happen between you and fishmonger.

You- “Yesterday, a kg of this fish costed Rs.100 and today it costs Rs.130. How can it be so?”

The fishmonger-“The vendor has sold us the fish at Rs.100/kg today, so how can I sell it to you at the same rate?”

You-“Didn’t you ask the vendor why he has increased the price?”

Fishmonger-“I don’t have that much time. If you want to buy then buy it or you can leave.”

You-“I am your regular customer and this is how you behave with me?”

Fishmonger-“Its business time. So if you want to buy that fish then it is completely upto you or else don’t waste my time.”

You-“You can keep your time with your own self.”

Whether you buy fish from that person or not is your decision, but most probably you will not

At a railway station,

You stand in the ticket line and a man tries to cut in and tries to stand ahead of you. The soft fight which follows is:-

You-“Why are trying to cut the line?”

That person-“I am not trying to cut the line. I am simply looking ahead to see whether tickets are available or not.”

You-“How can you see whether the tickets are available or not from here?”

That person- “Sorry, sorry. It’s my mistake.”

You-“Good that you accepted your mistake.”

At a shop,

You have ordered for a particular thing and that thing has been sold to someone else by the shopkeeper. The soft fight goes as follows:-

You-“Why have you sold the item which I had ordered for gifting to someone else?”

Shopkeeper- “When that customer asked that item from me, I thought that I had two pieces of it. But later on I realised that I only had a single piece of it.”

You-“I was supposed to give that item as a gift to someone else. Now please arrange another piece of that same item for me.”

Shopkeeper-“It will take two days.”

You-“Two days! Are you mad? Cancel the order immediately.”

Shopkeeper-“I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

You-“It’s me who is sorry for placing the order in your shop.”

At a restaurant,

You- “I had booked a reservation for 9:00 pm and now you are saying that the restaurant is full?”

The manager-“We had actually mismanaged the bookings, so the restaurant is full.”

You-“Now what can be done?”

The manager-“Please accept our apologies. We will be giving a discount of twenty percent for our goof up.”

You-“Thank you.”

But the downside was that you were given a table only at ten p.m. in that restaurant and by that time your hunger was as angry as you were.

You to the manager-“Your twenty percent discount is of no use. Even after booking a table beforehand, we were given a table after an hour then that means that restaurant has no sense of decorum.”

Manager-“I am extremely sorry.”

You-“I am sorry that I choose your restaurant.”

See, soft fights happen everywhere. It takes place due to human nature. Most often it underscores the fine line between justice, equality, honesty and truth. When any of these gets crossed with one another then a soft fight ensues.