An Inn For Travellers.

I have a strong wish and desire to construct an Inn for travellers.

There are many sorts of travellers, some who simply go on with life and some who can’t find A, B and C while travelling.

There is a new type of trend in travelling and that is the use of GPS and apps.

GPS only works in well-defined areas and in rural and semi-rural areas it nearly almost always causes trouble and apps are often more troublesome than being helpful.

The inn which I would construct would be located near a highway.

The rooms in the inn will be designed in the same way in which huts with modern amenities are constructed.

When guests enter any room in the inn, they will get the effect of entering into a hut, where in the tiles would give the effect and feel of soft and cold mud (as huts in rural areas are layered with mud as base).

The beds would be nice, soft and comfortable.

The walls would have paintings of rural lifestyles.

The corners of the room would be layered with artificial/ original hay to have a warm effect in the room.

The rooms would be cheap as to when a person goes for a travel or tour, he or she doesn’t want to spend doles and doles of money on rooms which claim to be second or third to Presidential suites but are not even equal to a single non ac room in style, maintenance and needs.

Pilgrims often are in need of inns and guest rooms as many of them travel on feet or are on continuous pilgrimage tour.

There would Be T.V. and air conditioning in each room.

The inn’s best feature will be a game room which will consist a table tennis table, badminton area, basketball area, chess and few arcade and video games. If possible a bowling alley too would be constructed.

If budget permits, I would like to construct an enclosed swimming pool too.

At the highway side, a huge advertisement board would be put, so that travellers are aware of the inn.

Last of all, the inn would be inaugurated by Ma and Baba and if all goes well, then the inn too would run well.

The inn would have a built in restaurant which would serve and feature low cost but excellently made and of superb quality food and drinks (soft drinks, soda, and fresh fruit juices) but no alcohol.

We (Ma, Baba and me) would live at a room at the top of the inn and run the inn beautifully and keep it well maintained.

The speciality of this inn is that the room and food costs are cheap and highly affordable. If anything is not made for the common man then that thing has no value.

So, the inn would open for one and all and if the whole project of constructing and running it becomes a reality then it’s a dream come true.

Dreams which are beautiful and can be realized for life, they are the ones on which human foundations can stand.


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