It’s Fun To Play.

It’s fun to play,

A game of ludo or chess.

It’s fun to play,

Badminton ot football,

And be pretty sure that the kids will,

Make a mess.

It’s good to be an adult,

But sometimes being a kid,

Makes everything come alive.



Marvel Of Being A Kid.

The Marvel of Being a Kid is astounding and highly blissful. The love got from ma and baba is beyond love. It is love in its purest form.

Being a kid gives a sort of freedom which can’t be got and expressed as you turn into an over growing bulb of an adult. With adulthood, it feels as if someone has cut your roots and stems and given you a load of homework, which only includes rubbish and money.

In childhood you can play with a toppling car, pilot an aeroplane and be the master of anything you wish to be. But with over dangling adulthood, you have to bite and eat that sugarcane which has no sweetness, only boredom, over load of burdens plus food also becomes an issue. If a person works from 10 to 10 in alternating shifts, then he is bound to miss anything and everything good happening at home. Many people with regular jobs have to work much beyond that time limit. Some people have to work from 08:30 am till 01:00 am. That means total sixteen hours job with thirty minutes being considered for tea, lunch and dinner break as their responsibility doesn’t allow them to take a break.

As a kid, you can go anywhere, adjust anywhere, play anywhere and be everywhere. Happiness of being a child is unlimited. School is also place for playing and having tiffins except studying. Nowadays, studying in school is done through mobile apps, so you can consider that time as time gone into the drain. Better let the children play, draw, sing and be ready for their tough and competitive future.

The ability to run as fast as you want remains only in childhood. As you grow different sorts of adults, various physical pains such as muscle pain, back pain, leg pain begin and they are like the recurrent EMIs of banks. To get rid of them you need to pay dollops and dollops of money to doctors and to the medicine shops.

The best thing which is the wonder and marvel of being a kid is nothing is out of your reach. Not even GOD.

If anytime, time permits then become a child for few hours and relive those childhood moments by playing a game of cricket, football or simply by singing out your voice in the bathroom.

Be happy.



Playing Like a Child.

Childhood and games are God’s gifts to a newborn soul.

A nascent baby perceives the world through his/her parents. But as soon as he starts growing up, he starts playing with toys and nowadays in mobiles and tablets. When that kid is a bit more aged, he or she plays with toys which are designed according to their age.

A child’s best playmate is his/her mother and father. Especially mother. Mothers turn out to be such beautiful and natural playmates that none can second them in this.

But childhood slips away faster than sand slips from hand and with our growth into adolescence we all become a burden on ourselves.

Soon, we forget about all those beautiful days on which we have grown up.

But there comes a time when God gives everyone a chance to relive their childhood days.

Sometimes, maybe a younger brother or sister visits you at home and asks you to play with him or her.

Maybe you visit your aunt and uncle and in their house, a small kid is there who wants you to be his/her playmate and push his cycle or to play horse-riding with him.

The biggest chance to become a child again comes when one is bestowed with parenthood. Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain, who is the kid here. The kid or the parent? Many times fathers and mothers buy toys which they want to play themselves, under the cover of buying it for their child. It gives them a chance to relive, re-breathe those days which are gone with a generation behind. Even grandparents do the same.

Mobile games now a days, are a raging phenomenon, but more than young kids, you would find those boring adults playing games like “pop the ball or chess or cricket” continuously on their phones.

When android games became famous, it was mostly due to people aged above twenty to twenty five playing such games on their phones non-stop.

Senior citizens are the most prominent, regular, sincere, honest and continuous mobile game players. With the upgrade in technology, they too are upgrading themselves.

More than four to five times I have seen that a salesman, sitting behind the store counter is playing a game on his mobile, when the business remains idle or even when the shop or business is going on full swing.

Delivery boys too play games on their phones when they go to deliver the goods.

The main point which I want to bring in focus over here is, that frequently we say others on any big to small matter that-“are you a child?”

But more than often we we remain a child inside.

Those beautiful, warm and glowing days spent in mother’s lap, glowing and basking under her warmth and love are priceless. It simply can’t be matched. Additionally, dads too would be of a nature in which they would be softer than butter and more free flowing than water in those days. But, alas! With dads, the whole thing reverses and as we grow up, strictness and discipline emanates from them, like fragrance from sandalwood.

GOD, the highest of all, had indeed come on Earth and he too had faced many hardships, but in those hardships, games which he used to play in his childhood days, have been his friend and beautiful and happy memories forever.

I have a friend who used to ride horses and horse riding was his passion, hobby and God’s grace on him. It was the only game which kept him motivated, happy and jovial.

My maternal grandfather too used to ride horses, when he was young, extremely handsome and full of youth.

Another friend of mine would dress up as an adult when he was a young kid and that was his favourite pastime.

When I was small, Ma and Baba would play with me as if they both too are small children.

Nowadays, as a so called “adult” we have to try to earn money, so that we can survive and fill our tummies or stomachs, but one’s mind and soul still yearns for those wonderful, beautiful and excellent days when playing a game or two of cricket, football, badminton and table tennis would suffice to exist.

I don’t know about the latest version of children who are tech savvy and are miniature versions of adults, but the child inside me, Ma and Baba still wants to play, sing, laugh and if possible with God’s grace live a beautiful and happily life.

My father used to fly kites, play marbles, go for fishing, do cycling, and play football but with undue responsibilities and studies he had to leave everything and go to a hostel to study and immediately after getting his degrees (masters), he had to join a job, leaving his research work. Throughout his school he was a brilliant child and was always a scholarship getter. From Higher secondary till he continued his P.HD research, he used to get scholarships. His childhood which he largely missed out due to somebody else’s fault reflects largely in him whenever he sees a kite flying, a child playing marbles, someone fishing and sometimes he reminisces about his lost childhood in which to study he had to sell bananas.

Hope the child in you becomes alive and awakened on reading this post. To relive those beautiful days when we all were small, young, happy and full of energy, play a game of ludo or checkers with your parents, siblings or friends. If you win then proclaim yourself a winner. But if you lose don’t sulk, but be happy and play another round of that game. After all childhood were and are happy days. A true gift from God.