The Rich Person.

Once, upon a time there was a rich person who didn’t know how to eat.

He had so much money, that he couldn’t sleep.

So one day what happened was that he developed a skin disease and none of the big docs could cure him. He tried all remedies.Went to channellers, diviners, spiritualists, but none could heal him.They only gave him assurances that all would be well and he would be healed.

After ten days, when the disease showed no signs of abetting, he began crying, yet he couldn’t sleep for the fear of losing his money. The next day his servant came to him and said-“Sir, there is an old and ancient astrologer in town. He has come to this town after ten years of hard penance. Would you like to go to him?

The man replied-“ Yes, I would like to consult him.”

The next day when they went to that astrologer, the astrologer took a look at his hands and at his birth chart and said-“You have a horde of money. Start giving food to other and distribute half of your wealth amongst the poor and you shall be well.”

The man agreed to the astrologer and the next he fed a thousand poor people and gave away half of his money to his son, wife and daughter in law, as till that date all his money was his known.

They all were very happy to receive the money and as a result all had developed the skin disease and soon enough the man had to give away his remaining wealth to a mutual fund company and after receiving his money, all mutual fund officials got that disease.

Now all are wondering what to do with all that money?

So Rich.

So rich that he can’t sleep.

So rich that he can’t eat.

So rich that he can’t talk.

So rich that he can’t walk.

So rich that he used a big car for a short ride.

So rich that he travels in charter flights for the distance of which a common man walks.

So rich that he doesn’t pay taxes.

So rich that his statements are full of faux passes.

So rich that he can’t sing.

So rich that he can’t pick up his phone when it rings.

So rich that he can’t dance.

So rich that his soul is full of foul.

So rich that can’t enjoy a football match as he is too busy making money.

So rich that he can’t keep count of his money.

So rich that his pavilion is full of gold.

So rich that at his call, all go for a stroll.

So rich that he has no dimension.

So rich that despite having two houses in Amsterdam, three in London and four in Japan he has to live in a rented one.

So rich that he is making more and more machines and creating less jobs.

So rich that his wife meets him only once a week.

So rich that his children have forgotten his face.

So rich that his damn toothpaste can’t bear his mouth’s breathe.

So rich that he was forever all lonely and all alone.

For when he died there was no one to cover the stone.

When he went up, there were no angels, no fairies, no God to welcome, for in his Kingdom of Gold he was and will be all alone.

But do not despair, for there is hope, when God sees him for there will be another chance. What he makes of it is true nature’s hope.

Be rich at heart and mind. Money and its richness won’t last forever. For currency changes, you change, puberty comes, mind blooms, marriage happens, children comes but when you reach your destination, the ticket checker must be present there to check and cut your ticket otherwise, there sure would be trouble.



Marvel Of Being A Kid.

The Marvel of Being a Kid is astounding and highly blissful. The love got from ma and baba is beyond love. It is love in its purest form.

Being a kid gives a sort of freedom which can’t be got and expressed as you turn into an over growing bulb of an adult. With adulthood, it feels as if someone has cut your roots and stems and given you a load of homework, which only includes rubbish and money.

In childhood you can play with a toppling car, pilot an aeroplane and be the master of anything you wish to be. But with over dangling adulthood, you have to bite and eat that sugarcane which has no sweetness, only boredom, over load of burdens plus food also becomes an issue. If a person works from 10 to 10 in alternating shifts, then he is bound to miss anything and everything good happening at home. Many people with regular jobs have to work much beyond that time limit. Some people have to work from 08:30 am till 01:00 am. That means total sixteen hours job with thirty minutes being considered for tea, lunch and dinner break as their responsibility doesn’t allow them to take a break.

As a kid, you can go anywhere, adjust anywhere, play anywhere and be everywhere. Happiness of being a child is unlimited. School is also place for playing and having tiffins except studying. Nowadays, studying in school is done through mobile apps, so you can consider that time as time gone into the drain. Better let the children play, draw, sing and be ready for their tough and competitive future.

The ability to run as fast as you want remains only in childhood. As you grow different sorts of adults, various physical pains such as muscle pain, back pain, leg pain begin and they are like the recurrent EMIs of banks. To get rid of them you need to pay dollops and dollops of money to doctors and to the medicine shops.

The best thing which is the wonder and marvel of being a kid is nothing is out of your reach. Not even GOD.

If anytime, time permits then become a child for few hours and relive those childhood moments by playing a game of cricket, football or simply by singing out your voice in the bathroom.

Be happy.