It’s A Beautiful Morning.

It’s A Beautiful Morning.

It’s a beautiful morning,

The sun is shining,

The bread is baking,

The writers are writing.

And only the common man knows,

The happiness in it.




Concepts need to be clear. If it is not, then you are going to fall into a big soup. Concepts are that book of life, which lead the rooster of life, understanding and professionality.

(a+b)2  = a2+2ab+b2 is a mathematical formula which we all learn in sixth standard. If the concept about this simple mathematical formula is not clear, then you won’t be to proceed in algebra.

When writing a book, an author has to have the storyline clear in his head, otherwise his/her book will end up in the jumble sale, in Antarctica. Many authors, writers struggle to get a clear vision of their writings, so they often take the help of pseudonymous writers and get the job done.

A chef while preparing his signature dish has the concept clear in his head. He has envisioned the dish and he knows what he wants to present to his patrons. If his concept, idea and thinking are not clear then he would end up making a disaster instead of a top notch dish.

Concept and conceptualization are two very vital part of human understanding and life.

If you have conceptualized a thing, then know that, it has to be clear in our mind, other wise you would have a lot of trouble moving ahead with it.

To begin with any idea, it is necessary for the maker to be in the know of it. Most conceptualized things end up in the bin. Others pick it up and move ahead in their lives.

Do give your bright and good ideas a try. Who knows maybe, it would turn into gold.



The Flavourful Ice Cream.

The Flavourful Ones.

The flavourful ice cream,

Won many hearts.

It had strawberry and vanilla in it,

And was served in a cup.

Many asked for cones.

So, soon the host made a lot of them,

And the ice cream was served in it.

It made everything more cheerful and fun.

The cone added a crunchiness to the flavourful ice cream,

And the strawberry and vanilla’s taste remained in everyone’s mind for many days.




I have an apron,

Its red and green.

It has been beautiful designed.

I work in the kitchen,

Wearing it.

It hardly gets stained,

For I care for it regularly,

And my favourite times are when Ma bakes cakes and cookies,

And brings them out of them of the kitchen,

Wearing my red and green apron.