The Closing Paragraph.

The closing paragraph,

Needs to be beautiful, crisp,

And enrapturing.

The closing paragraph,

Sums up the whole writing,

It brings the focus of an audience,

To the ending,

Which contains the gist of the writing.

The closing paragraph,

Is a writer’s paradise,

For a writer wants to maximise the suspense,

And the closing paragraph,

Holds the audience on to the tenter hooks,

Like a child holding onto his candy.

There are some clever readers,

Who unravel the ending in their mind,

And when they read the same conclusion,

The excitement,

The “Yes” is highly satisfying.

While the audience,

Who don’t unravel the ending before,

Read the ending and contemplate on the whole book.

The closing paragraph,

Is one of the most important part of a book,

For this is where a writer signs off with his/her,

Book with their witty comments,

Secrets and a trail,

Which is often followed by the subsequent book.

If you pay more attention to the closing paragraph,

It contains the ending in such a manner,

Which is plain and conclusive,

Yet it eludes many readers.

Happy Reading.


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