A Mountain I Saw.

A mountain I saw,

It’s glory was truly majestic.

It seemed as if the creator was shining his light upon the mountain.

The mountain which I saw smiled at me and

It began to rumble.

We weren’t scared as we felt that the mountain was joking,

Neither were the birds scared nor were the animals.They flew and went around happily and beautifully.

The mountain atlast went to sleep feeling happy that it was able to play all along.

It was truly a beautiful mountain which I saw.


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Sun And The Mountain.

The sun went up to the mountain,

It was very near to the peak,

The mountain told that,

“You are so near,

That I feel uncomfortable,

As you have not studied me.”

The Sun told,


I know each bit of you,

We are friends and foes forever,

As you are so cold and I am so hot.

I will make the snow melt into a stream.

It will flow down as a stream into a river,

And people will know about you.”

The mountain smiled,

As it would get rid of its extra burden,

The Sun went up and above and smiled to all.”



A Quick Glance Over The Mountain.

A quick glance over the Mountain,

Brought the sun on my horizon.

A new light shone,

In the dimensions renewed.

The birds which sang the song for the dew,

Asked God-“Please,Oh! Lord give is the protection, so that we can fly to our goal, without being stopped in anything by anyone.”

A quick glance over the mountains,

Brought the divine senses back to me.

It was just a glance,

But the its charm and brilliance,

Was unknown, unseen and very true.



I Am A Mountain Flower.

I Am A Mountain Flower.

I sing,

I dance,

I twirl,

I cheer.

The butterflies come and visit me.

So do the bees,

I am not bothered by them,

For they are free.

Few of them are my friends,

I ain’t like the rest.

I am a mountain flower,

And proud to be,

Without having any crest.

I am enchanted with the mountain’s beauty,

With the birds flying over it.

The mountain never gets bored of me,

For I don’t give it a test.

A few days back,

A lion asked the mountain to scratch it’s back.

The mountain gave a silent laugh,

And the angry lion went off with a forceful huff and puff.

I am mountain flower.

It’s my pride and honour to be one.

For how many flowers in the whole world,

Can be one?

The mountain and it’s residents such as the grasses, birds, fruits and flowers love me a lot and I love them back.

We all are good friends,

Save that rascal Jack.

He is a parakeet,

And always says to me-“Krack, Krack, Tack, Tack, Jack, Jack.”

He can’t be my friend,

So, I don’t bother with him,

But one day he shall need my help,

But I wouldn’t help him.

He must apologize.

I am a mountain flower,

So are many of my friends,

But few of us are besties,

Which we shall be forever.

The mountain is my best friend,

And we all love him,

Our love grows,

Day and night,

So does our unity,

For ever and ever,

The mountain will prosper,

So shall I,

As I am a mountain flower,

Just beneath the sky.