Two Last Ball Finishes.

In today’s T20 match between India and New Zealand, New Zealand won by sheer luck and by four runs, but the uniqueness of today’s game was that there were two last ball finishes.

The New Zealand Innings had ended with a four and the Indian innings had ended with a six.

Two last ball finishes are rare in a cricket game.


N.B.-Last ball finish happens when any batsman hits a four or six on the last ball of their respective innings.


A Day of Cricket.

Sunday is a generalised holiday all over the world, but the kids and even adults in my locality treat it as “Cricket Day”.

In the half made stadium infront of my house, eight cricket matches are going on. Its street cricket what they are playing, but they have their own supporters who are serious about supporting their respective teams and those teams have visiting audience also. It’s an atmosphere which cannot be put into words for those who have never seen such a thing before. Plus the T20 between India and New Zealand is also going on, so it is truly a day of cricket.

 Till the lights go out in the evening the boys in my locality would continue playing cricket.



Paris Saint Germain-FC (PSG) enter the Quarter Finals of Coupe de France (French Cup).

World famous club Paris Saint Germain-FC (PSG), had to fight to a tough game against FC Villefranche, to enter the Quarter Finals of the Coupe de France (French Cup).

The match remained a till 90 + 3 minutes. Even in the first half of extra time, the score remained 0-0.

In the second half of the extra time, three goals were scored by Paris Saint Germain-FC (PSG).

The club PSG are a four time consecutive record holder of Coupe de France title.

Congrats to PSG.



India Beat New Zealand By 35 Runs.

Today, in the international one day cricket match which was held between India and New Zealand , India beat New Zealand by 35 runs with 35 balls to spare, in the final ODI between India and New Zealand.

India has won the series against New Zealand after ten years and it has been an excellent achievement by the Indian cricket team.

Now, it’s time for celebration. Well done Indian team.




Running For a Kite.

A kite was bobbling up and down in the air when a small boy aged about seven years noticed it and started pursuing it. The kite was free. Its string had been freed and was flowing where ever the wind took it. It flew and flew and when the boy became tired he stopped chasing it.

He felt sad that could not catch the kite. Slowly he walked back to his home and as he was entering his house, his mother asked him-“wherefrom is that kite attached to your shoe?” He replied-“which kite are you talking about ma?” His mother-“the one which is dangling with your shoe.”

He turned back to see that indeed the string of the kite which he was chasing had somehow got attached to his right shoe and the kite was fluttering in the wind at the back.

The boy kept on looking at the string and the kite in great astonishment as he didn’t know how could the string have got attached to his shoes.It was a big mystery for him and when he was chasing it, the kite had flown very far away. He pondered over throughout the day, asking his mother-“ma how could the kite’s string got attached or stuck with my shoes? It had flown away when I had last chased it.”

His mother replied-“Maybe the wind gifted it to you.”

The boy-“Yes, ma even I feel so, that the wind is my friend.”

Feeling very happy he rushed and hugged his mother and at night he slept with the kite under his pillow.