Top In The World.

Top in the world,

We fly,

We see,

We try.

The world is so little,

That’s it’s our gain,

To retain everything,

For which we came.



The Incognito Man.

The incognito man would go everywhere,

And watch opera, theatre, acts.

 He would spend much of his day doing this and that.

The incognito man,

Would write letters of his appreciation,

To all his beloved people,

Yet they wouldn’t know who he was.

Was he a philanthropist?

Or a doctor?

Why would a person spend a big period of his time doing this and that?

Well who knows?

Maybe he is a common man.

But incognito man,

Maintained his role,

When one day a theatre artist discovered who he was.

He was a man of who was all alone,

Yet he believed that the whole world was his friend.

The incognito man,

And became well known,

But not as the incognito man,

But as a man of the world.



Do You Know Till What Height Pinus sylvestris grows?

Pinus sylvestris is a coniferous tree and is known as Scotch Pine. It is generally found in Scottish highlands and in other places in the world especially the mountain or hilly areas.

The question which remains to be answered is the height till which it grows?

In my subsequent posts I will give the answer.

Till then,’