I Saw A Bird Talk.

I saw a bird talk,

It was eating breads and chocolate.

It said-“Little boy can I have some ice cream?”.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

The bird flew away.

Next day it came back and placed a toy giraffe on my window still.

“For the chocolates. I will come back after a month and please could we have ice cream for the party.?”

I was highly astounded.I told the bird -“Wait for my Ma.Don’t fly away.”

I called Ma and told her all about the bird.”

Ma smiled at thr bird and said -” I shall cook few unique dishes for you and your little ones.”

Upon hearing this the bird did a nice flip and flew away home.



A Bird And A Rose.

A bird and a rose,

The besties of old times,

Were having lunch in a restaurant when a little fairy asked them for help.

She needed to ride upon a feather to reach the land of breakfasts.

Immediately, bird gave her a feather and the rose a petal and soon enough the fairy could sail through the tough winds and reached the land of breakfasts.

But she wasn’t any usual fairy.

She was God in disguise.


A New Kind Of Bird 🐦.

A new kind of bird,

Came onto the tree ,

In the society garden.

I asked my mother and father,

That, what kind of a bird it was?

But they were unsure.

The bird visited the tree,

For the next four days,

And each time time we saw it,

We were simply delighted.

It had violet wings with a greenish tinge.

Nature is truly wonderful,

And like a magician’s hat.

You never know,

What would come out of it next.



A Big Bird 🐦.

A big bird,

Ate up a tree.

For it was a fairy bird.

But the tree fairy lodged a complaint,

To the head of fairies.

Now, the head of fairies decided,

That five hundred trees be planted,

By the fairy bird,

With a solemn promise that it would never,

Eat a tree again.

The tree agreed.