Running For a Kite.

A kite was bobbling up and down in the air when a small boy aged about seven years noticed it and started pursuing it. The kite was free. Its string had been freed and was flowing where ever the wind took it. It flew and flew and when the boy became tired he stopped chasing it.

He felt sad that could not catch the kite. Slowly he walked back to his home and as he was entering his house, his mother asked him-“wherefrom is that kite attached to your shoe?” He replied-“which kite are you talking about ma?” His mother-“the one which is dangling with your shoe.”

He turned back to see that indeed the string of the kite which he was chasing had somehow got attached to his right shoe and the kite was fluttering in the wind at the back.

The boy kept on looking at the string and the kite in great astonishment as he didn’t know how could the string have got attached to his shoes.It was a big mystery for him and when he was chasing it, the kite had flown very far away. He pondered over throughout the day, asking his mother-“ma how could the kite’s string got attached or stuck with my shoes? It had flown away when I had last chased it.”

His mother replied-“Maybe the wind gifted it to you.”

The boy-“Yes, ma even I feel so, that the wind is my friend.”

Feeling very happy he rushed and hugged his mother and at night he slept with the kite under his pillow.


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