On The Shore, My Friend The Boatman.

On the shore,

My Friend The boatman,

Spends a lot of time,

Caring for his boat.

His boat is a big one,

Which he bought after much hard work,

Dedication and savings.

On the shore,

My friend the boatman,

Has fried fish with rice for lunch

And loves rotis and fish curry,

In dinner.

I asked him,

Your daily life rotates around fish,

Yet you love to have fried fish and fish curry on a daily basis?

He replied-“When I was a child, my mother would make the most wonderful,

Fish fries and curry,

I can’t leave eating fish.

A day without fish,

Is a big no in my diary.”

I asked him-“Which fish do you like the most?”

He-“Well it would be a tough fight between Hilsa and Catla.”

Saying so he left in his boat,

For catching the next load of fishes,

Which is his love,

And source of daily earnings.

On the shore,

My friend the boatman,

Left a gift for me.

A small fishing net.


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