A Witty Man.

A witty man,

Bought a corn stick,

Intending to have it on his way to home.

He kept it in his coat’s pocket.

As soon as he reached home,

He saw that his wife was angry with him.

He tried to make peace with her,

Yet she wouldn’t budge.

At last, he said-“ See my dear what have I  bought for you.”

And he presented her with the corn stick.

His wife saw that stick and took it and banged it on his head.

He said -Oh no my dear, it had a diamond ring in it.”

His wife immediately got up and scrambled for the corn stick and picked it up,

And started searching for it.

She couldn’t find it.

His wife-“Where is the diamond ring?”

He-“Oh! It must have fallen off, when you threw the corn stick on the ground”.

His wife frantically searched for the ring here and there, yet she couldn’t find it.

Perspiring, the wife picked up the corn stick, the woman began eating the corn kernels

in desperation, that’s when the man began laughing.

His wife-“Why are you laughing?”

Him-“Because, there was no diamond in it”.

His wife-“What!?”

“Yes, only a plain corn stick brought for my hungry stomach.”

The wife threw the corn stick at her husband, and catching it the husband said-“But it

had the diamond of my love.”

The wife’s nostrils began flaring up, but her husband calmed her down saying-

“Don’t worry dear, diamonds are worthless, only love is real. Now I am very hungry, can I

have this corn stick with peace, seeing that today you won’t be preparing any meal.”


Him-“Atleast, I hope there won’t be any diamonds in it.”

Hearing these words the angry wife smiled, and all was well again.


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