An Awe-Inspiring Feat.

An awe inspiring feat,

Of fairies and magic,

Of love and belief,

Of smiles and hoorays.

An awe inspiring feat,

Just doesn’t mean achieving a big thing.

Sometimes things which occur to be bogus,

Also turn to be gold.

Let me tell you of such a feat.

A boy in the forest,

Was picking up berries.

When he met a small pup.

He took the pup home.

Many years later that dog,

Once saved him when he was drowning in a pool.

Now you would ask,

What’s the big feat in here?

That boy became a man,

And his son, became the king of the entire country,

Through his valour, honesty and dedication.

And the dog was their companion throughout.

The dog turned out to be the fairy queen,

Who was entrapped by an evil wizard,

And the king’s son,

Was the one who could free her,

And once the fairy queen regained her kingdom,

She bestowed many blessings on that whole region,

And the three generations,

Of the boy who had rescued her, his son and his grandson,

Were granted the boon of immortality by her.


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