Violet Fairy.

There is a small violet fairy, who is about 18 cm tall. She is violet in colour but not dark violet. The violet colour of which she is made is of a very lighter shade and that is the colour of inspiration, of intuition, of love and of all good things.

While you are sleeping, sometimes this violet fairy comes and touches your forehead with her little wand and as a result you would not only get a sweet and happy dream, but also nice and beautiful toffees in the morning. You will and will definitely get the toffees. It’s her blessings.

Seeing her play is any child’s dream.

She helps a lot of people and other beings. You can be on the outlook for her. While you are driving your car, she may appear in front of your wind shield and guide you in the right direction. She often plays with babies and when they don’t want to sleep, she lulls them to sleep or simply touches their forehead with her wand and they go into a nice and sweet sleep.

While writing exams many children feel her help. She helps them in remembering what they have already studied. She doesn’t influence the words.

Sometimes she plays cricket with the children who are playing cricket on streets. Suddenly someone hits a six, then know for sure it’s the violet fairy.

She cooks excellent food and often helps mothers prepare more beautiful and tastier food.

She says her name is happy and when God blesses her she becomes extremely beautiful.

She says that if you call her with your mind and heart, then she will definitely make your day golden.

So remember to call her and be on a lookout. Who knows? She may bless you and your day would be golden.


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