Cat’s Mew.

It was afternoon after four. We were walking and we entered a park. People were walking in the park, someone was skipping, someone was jumping and few of them were playing. A cat was sleeping on a bench. We found an empty bench but as soon as we sat on it we realized that it was too hot for us sit on it and the sunlight had heated it up. By this time the cat had woken and was looking at us with her big eyes. So me and Ma we got up and came out of the park as we were not feeling to go for the walking rounds.

We entered a gully and at the end of the gully, there were many shops. They sold groceries, vegetables, bangles and cosmetic items.

There were few tailor shops too. Tailors on the spot repaired the dress.  We saw many tea stalls stopped before one.

We were about to give order for some samosas and tea, when we heard mew, mew from behind.

We looked behind and saw that same cat which was looking at us at the park, following us.

Ma looked at her eyes and asked “What?”

The shopkeeper brought a bowl of milk and placed it in front of her. She immediately lapped it up.

Ma asked the shopkeeper-“Every day she comes and asks for milk?”

The shopkeeper replied-“Yes”.

Ma-“Then why is mewing now?”(Ma had forgotten that mewing only it asks)

The shopkeeper-“She too wants to pay me the money through you. She is asking if you can buy her a bowl of milk. It’s nothing but a sly drama on her part.”

Ma paid for the bowl of milk and the cat jumped and sat on tea stall roof. Ma warned her-“Don’t follow me again.”

The cat simply put her head down and was licking its lip.

We came back home.

That shopowner was as sly as the cat and I think that cat might have been his personal cat.


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