Thank You To All The Bloggers Who Have Read My Blog and My Posts.

I am a person who didn’t know abc of blogging, but I had an idea. Blogs are everywhere. Nearly everything on the net is a sort of blog.

I am a biochemist with no formal degree in biochemistry as after reaching the first half of the final year of my Biochemistry BSc degree, I met with two accidents in the lab. After these incidents I had to leave college and sit quietly at home. I felt as if I had lost everything. This had happened in the year 2012. Now it’s 2019. I am twenty eight and haven’t earned a single dollop of money till now.

When I was eighteen or nineteen years old, while exercising and dieting regularly, I got thyroiditis.

Thyroiditis is the inflammation of the thyroid gland which causes a lot of trouble in the brain, causes extreme fluctuation of pituitary and thyroid hormones.

I showed to the best doctor in Asia and he said-“I will not give you medicine, only time will heal you.”

Two months later of having been confirmed with thyroiditis, my Higher Secondary Exams were due and I appeared for them, but was not given the appropriate marks by the teachers and I fell short of 1st class by 8 marks.

After that age of twenty one within the gap of one month two dangerous liquids went inside my stomach.The first one was 2.0N NAOH i.e. Sodium hydroxide and the second liquid was Nessler’s reagent. It contained the toxic Heavy metal Mercury in its highest form. Mercuric chloride is the main ingredient of Nessler’s reagent. College authorities left me in the dump, blaming me and said-“If something happens to you, it will be your loss solely.”

Yet, I didn’t give up and tried another university, but that university got shut down as they were not sanctioned by the government to run the degree programs.

But the main reason of me being at home, is that my mother is ailing. Last twelve years it was critical,  only by God’s touch she is enjoying her condition. I can’t go to that personal level and explain the diseases ailing Ma, as Ma wouldn’t like that. Her sufferings are undue.Seeing her pain and sufferings I couldn’t leave her behind and go out for a job. She too has sent her love for you all and congratulations.

When I was a young student, I was a brilliant boy at mathematics, science, social studies, English, Hindi and all languages.

Unknowingly I had won the Themis scholarship, for which I was given Rs.500 as a prize money. That was the only time I had earned anything.

I am good at drawing, painting and singing . Very good at computer games. This is how I spend my time.  I love to read books.

I was and am my granny’s (maternal grandmother) child, all others love me, my maternal grandparents, maternal aunts where my childhood grew. I have many friends in heaven but they are also stuck.

Sitting at home, I have done more than forty courses from different universities around the world.

I have passed a semester course :-“Principles of Biochemistry” From Harvard University with 88% total aggregate. It could easily have been above ninety percent. Done a Project Management course from University of California, Irvine and English writing course from the same university.

Have completed a Professional Certificate course at blender animation from IIT Bombay with 100% marks in both the courses. The professional certificate course had two courses in it.

I was hundred percent perfect in Mathematics. But suddenly everything toppled and I became an average student in mathematics. It was not due to any imperfection or any thing which affects many children during their teen age. It simply happened overnight. A term before I could understand everything about maths and in the next term I am struggling and in the class my maths marks start dropping like falling currency and it never regained ever till the time someone requires it.

Whatever my God teaches me comes throughout my pen and I write that.

I could sing to a very high pitch and suddenly my throat said no. I was a good percussionist. I lost it all. How it will get back, I don’t know. When God will nod in this matter only he knows.

Life extends to love sometimes. If you have liked my post, then you have liked my God also. Then my God also loves you.

I think God has sent me many friends in such forms.

When calamities come everything got damaged and after I lost my college, my father lost his job and after that he had to go to Nigeria for his job.

I am quite normal. The imposed diseases couldn’t kill my enthusiasm. I search for good stories. I am a good footballer, I am a good cricketer, but now locked in my own house. Some black shadows are after us , who have ruined us.

Biggest gainer is that God loves me and his love I want to spread to you so that you can love him and find him.

My dad is the sole earning member of the family. Even after crossing sixty he has to work hard and for that he has to live in a place which is 683 kms or more than 200 kms away from my home. I have seen financial insecurity for most part of life till now. There isn’t a guarantee for anything.

After having to sit quietly at home, I would look out of the window and watch people walking on the streets, working in offices, having normal life and going about to their daily routine, Still nothing changed,everything remained stuck at where it was.

I approached a few big people who instead of helping me, gave me cow dung to handle and gave all false promises. It was my life’s biggest experience.

All whom I know personally are well established and good to do in life. Only me and Ma are left behind.My Baba (my father) is also left behind, but as he has to work from morning eight thirty till night he has no time to analyse what goes on with our life.

So, like a man searching for water in a dessert, I searched for a job. But none came forward.

Ask for help from everybody, they all handed a big lollipop, despite having the ability to give me a job, which I could do sitting from my home.

For many days, as I mentioned before, I kept looking for a job which I could do from home, as I am still unwell. Many people write on the net that how to earn money from home.

In that section each and everyone writes that by placing ads in your blog, you can earn money. So, in March 2018, I started my blog travellingwiththyself.design.

Till the end of January 2019, hardly 100 to 200 people might have read my blog and I had four followers till that date. Everyday,Ma and me we would look at the views column and the end result would be three to four views on a daily basis. There have been days when not a single person read my blog, despite publishing more than three to four posts of good quality each day. I am an ancient writer, I know the difference between good and bad writings. My mother and father are even bigger connoisseurs of good writing. They both are National Scholarship holders and have taught university students at a point in their life. I am very proud of them.  Any writing which misses the mark is immediately caught hold by my mother and father.

More than three hundred and fifty blogs had gone by and no was the result. Since the last few days, I have been getting some views on each of my posts. You wouldn’t believe if I told you that Ma and me both of us have dried up internally, by simply looking at the views chart and finding that none have read my posts. I still can’t believe that I have gone through those days.

It felt as if I alone was travelling.

The little views which I am now getting, has put a slight smile on my face. Some bloggers are known to me by their blog name. When I see that people from different countries have read my post, I feel happiness. Sometimes I doubt my talent. Many bloggers who began writing at the same time when I started writing have done extremely well, so the question was always there, where did I lack? Till date not a single digit money I have been able to make. .

Blogging has no definition, it has no boundaries.Its universal.

Forgive me, for I have been a bit personal about myself.

Now, I come to the main topic which I want to make and that is say thank you to all the bloggers for having read my posts and blog.

The happiness and love which I have received from my fellow bloggers is tremendous. It’s the cheer which keeps me going. When anyone likes my post, it feels as if I have touched their hearts. They have understood what I have meant to say and have liked it. When someone follows my blog, it excites me to write more. Those have read, liked and followed my posts, are my fellow bloggers. I feel as if we are co-workers.

Even after publishing three hundred and fifity posts, when no one read my posts, I didn’t know what to do. So the gratitude I bear today is huge. Its like finding an oasis in a dessert. Though that oasis is very small.

Many earn money by writing for newspapers, blogs, magazines, but I didn’t have the luck that it would happen for me till now. So, I am scratching the luck card to open up, and some dough to fall in my lap. It would be better if all the dough comes in my lap. By dough I don’t mean the kneaded flour. I mean the dough on which the world runs. I mean the dough by which you can buy an ice cream without thinking twice. I mean the dough by which you can buy a book for your mother. The dough by which you can buy a pen for your father, may be even something bigger? You follow? The dough by which you get even a little of something which you want. Life’s hard but to feel the hardness with which me and Ma suffer is a job which except God no one would touch.

So, a big thank you, love and best wishes, for each of my blog readers, likers and followers. The journey which began wouldn’t have seen the light of the day without your support and love. Other than my parents i.e. my mother and my father, and from God the highest of the high, I have got love from you all.

The days had been dark, but now are a bit lighter. Thanks to you all once again. Getting to know different bloggers, different names and seeing different countries flash up on my views screen is what makes my writing have atleast some meaning.

My mother had been the first reader of my blog and then my father, so Ma and Baba, unlimited love to both of you.

My blog shouldn’t be weighed as a cancer patient asking for help. I am not begging for money, for likes and for views. I am not sympathy attracting neither is this a sympathy attracting post.

In the reader’s mind a question arises why and how? Well this is how it all happened. Someone gained and someone lost.

I simply couldn’t control my emotions, seeing likes and views to my posts. I was simply overwhelmed. So I wrote a few pages of my life. My mother looked at the computer and at me and prayed to her only God. That’s where all the writing comes from. I pray to Lord that all these bad days remain behind us and we never have to go through hell again neither see those days again.

My thanks to my Sai Baba, Meher Baba, my Ma, my Baba, Karl Umrigar, Eruch uncle, Kaku dadu, Kaka babu dadu, Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, My Nunnun, my Dadubhai, Lord Krishna,Barasater dadu, Barasater Dida, Mamuni dida, Erik Medhus, Sabina and Nicole, to Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot, Tajuddin Baba, Lord Jagannath, Lord Allah, to Parvardigar, to the Infinite Majesty to whom we all bow our heads.. To my aunts, my cousin sisters where I passed my childhood. To my uncles and aunties and to you all.My Many gracious thanks. I would keep writing more and more and more. Do keep on loving my posts whenever you feel so.

On a lighter note I have achieved 1000 likes a few days back.

I am very happy that with so many difficulties, I have written more than 504 posts in less than a year.


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