Once Gained, Who Gives It Back?

Once gained, who gives it back?

Those who have achieved it, they don’t let fall back.

It’s we the common struggling men who are dumbstruck,

For everything in this universe is in motion.

Once you have your lunch, do you cook another lunch?

Once the day is over, does it ever come back again?

Each and everything is somebody’s gain and somebody’s loss.

It’s just that we don’t have the eyes to perceive it,

We often gain but lose it more often,

Always remember to be thankful to everything gained which has not been lost.

Even if it lost, be thankful for it, for maybe with God’s grace you may get it back.

To nature, to the leaves, to the air, to the wind,

Once anything goes there does it ever come back?

School days, college days, once gone do they ever come back?

Why should they?

Does anyone want to go to school ever and ever again?

But the charm, the beauty, the youthfulness, the sportiness of those days, remain absent throughout our lives, as more than often internally we miss those days.

Once you gain a promotion do you give it back,

But that changes in the case of EMIs. Once you have gained them, you do have to give them back.

Giving anything back is a bit of a challenge.

It’s like diving into a swimming pool without knowing its depth.

So, once gained, who gives it back?

Once you learn driving, do you teach another being the fruitful of driving? Maybe someday to your kid you might.


N.B.- Today is my Meher Baba’s Birthday. He is the Lord of The Universe. His name is Merwan Sheriar Irani and he was born on 25th February 1894. That day and that year, it will never come back.


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