Daniel And Ziolo.

Daniel was flying with Tino (The Big Red Sparrow) when he saw somebody stuck on a tree. He nudged Tino to go down and to see who it is and found that it was a small goblin.

That goblin was a rare one.

Daniel asked him-“Mr.Goblin are you stuck?”

The goblin vigorously shook his head.

Daniel-“Then why are you stuck at this particular place on the tree?”

The goblin pointed towards the palace. Instantaneously Daniel understood what had happened.

Daniel asked Tino to take a big dive and they went whoosh over the fairy land river straight to the fairy queen’s palace.

There he asked the permission to meet the queen.It was granted.

Daniel to the fairy queen-“Your majesty a goblin is stuck atop a tree on that side of the river. When I asked him that whether he was stuck or not he pointed towards the palace. Have you punished him your Highness?

The queen -“Well yes. I have.”

The rest to be continued tomorrow.


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