Today is Lord Meher Baba’s Birthday.

25th February, 2019 is Lord Meher Baba’s birthday. He is the Avatar of this age. Jesus and Him are the one and the same.

His name is Merwan Sheriar Irani.

Baba was born in the city Poona now called Pune, in David Sassoon Hospital in the year 1894.

He is the highest of the high, the Ancient One and God Almighty himself.

Dearest, loveliest and Godliest Baba,

                                                               Wish you many many happy returns of the day. Be happy always. Be there with us always. Never ever leave us alone. For we are your’s and your’s always.

Baba your love is unfathomable. The whole world runs on your might and grace. Whether it be or not be all of it stems from you. On this beautiful day, we wish you many happy returns of the day. Be happy always and forever Baba. Infinite and unlimited love to you Baba. All my friends up there, have a lot of fun as today is Baba’s birthday.

From Ma, Baba and me.


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