Dearest, Dearestest Baba,

Wish you many many happy returns. All the blogs that I have written from March 30th till date and after today are your gifts. Baba I love you the most. All gifts and chocolates are for you only. But they exist only in air. Read my mind and see the gifts. Be very happy Baba, for I love you the most with Ma and Baba. Ma and Baba also love you the most. You are in God In human form and much more than that. You are Khuda and Parvardigar. You are the one whom everyone searches, but very few find.

I dedicate my blog to you with all chocolates, flowers, ice creams, biryanis. Baba any gift given to you cannot describe my and Ma’s and Baba’s love for you. For you are the one and only.

Be with us always Baba. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Baba, humans are unaware of you. Had they been aware, today would have been a world holiday.

Give my, Ma’s and Baba’ love to Eruch uncle, Mehera Ma and others.

Be very happy. Be always smiling. For you are the father of heaven, in the heaven and outside heaven.


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