Can Knowledge Be Gained?

Knowledge is the everlasting and ever filled bowl of information which simply keeps on over flowing. It never gets over.

There is not a second, neither a millisecond which exists without knowledge. Being in the know and being in the dark makes a lot of difference.

It’s knowledge that makes heaven and hell for one.

In many civilisations knowledge was and is considered the greatest “wealth” that one can ever had.

When a small child is born, he/she is completely blank about the worldly affairs but with time he/she learns about the world. But contrarily, many kids show exemplary display of fine knowledge in various things even when they are not even aware of it.

So the question arises, that whether knowledge is in built like an over flowing reserve of water, as gift from God Almighty for being a child?

Does a child learn everything while he/she is in her mother’s womb or is it preloaded into it?

Science mostly doesn’t support the “preloaded knowledge “ fact. But that the fact science itself is ever changing, it’s only a matter of time, before a scientist or a common man proves that knowledge is preloaded before being conceived or before taking birth outside a mother’s womb.

Then everyone will say that’s what it was and is.

So the question that remains to be answered is, that can knowledge be gained?

Knowledge exists everywhere. When you are in a new country, in a new place, you will find and see knowledge poking at you from every corner of a street. There is so much to learn in this illusory world,that many times our heads take time to process it.

Knowledge can better be understood, it can be felt, it can be seen, can be known and can be thrived upon. On the other hand gaining knowledge is a cumbersome business.

Many students who learn subjects like repeating parrots often struggle within themselves, as their knowledge is hallow, meaningless and only learned to fulfil the demands of a teacher who is equally hollow.

Hollow knowledge is like an ever fluctuating and falling currency. It will never stand on its feet.

For example:- Take the the functioning of the human heart. To learn and memorize about the whole functioning of the human heart, it takes a day or two, but to understand it you may need half an hour, an hour, a day or even weeks or months altogether. Most science students don’t remember anything about it. Even cardiologists, biologists have a difficult time remembering it. Those who have understood it can explain it to you at any moment in their lifetime, but the great learned parrots cannot. They need their textbooks, their diagrams, their mobile phones, their apps, their fruit juice, their snacks, their this and their that to explain the functioning of the human heart.

That’s why human heart often guides its master to the right place, but the mind which is a trapping device plays hoolahoop with it.

So, ponder over it. Give it a serous thinking.
I know that it has been repeatedly said that knowledge can be gained, it cannot be destroyed.

For me knowledge is like the part of my soul. You don’t exist without it and it doesn’t exist without you.

Anything gained can be lost.

It’s a bit complicated.

N.B. After having your lunch go over it, while taking your afternoon nap, ponderingly dream that can knowledge be gained?

At the most, you fill find that it can be retained with a lot of practice and focus.


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