Gran Anny And Her Glass Of Orange Juice.

Gran Anny often visits our home. She has aged much, but there is strength in her body.

One afternoon, just after we came from school, the doorbell rang. Who was it? It was Gran Anny.

The aunt Granny, whom we all call Gran Anny couldn’t come earlier, got better with plant medicines and started a regular routine.

She had come with her helper and driver.

We were very surprised for she wasn’t supposed to visit us on that day.

We all hugged her.

Seeing us all together, she said-“I love you all very much. But please let me sit. I am too tired from travelling.”

We let her sit on her favourite chair. She rested for a few minutes and then asked mother to heat her tiffin box in the microwave. She had bought lunch with her. The lunch consisted of green salads, chicken nuggets and cooked rice.

Mother told her-“Mother, I have cooked lunch. Please have lunch with us.”

Gran Anny-“ No, I can’t. The doctor has prescribed me a preferably preferable lunch which consist of nutritious food items.”

Upon hearing her speak, we all started giggling, but a stern look from mother quietened us all.

Mother heated Gran Anny’s tiffin and served it to her on a plate. She took a few spoonful’s and then suddenly asked mother for Macoroni and cheese topped with fresh coriander.

We all were stunned.

Mother looked stupefied.

Gran Anny  said–“I am hungry. That tiffin is not good for me, so please give me some macaroni and cheese, with fresh coriander.”

Mother-“ Are you sure mother?”

Gran Anny-“Yes, my palate is asking something fresh and crunchy.”

Mother couldn’t prepare macaroni and cheese, so she ordered for them.

In the meanwhile, Robin and Greta went out to play and Erik remained inside.

When the food arrived, we rushed in tell mother that the parcel had arrived.

She took in the parcel, and served Gran Anny the food topped with fresh coriander.

After half an hour, Gran Anny says to us all-“You know children, you all must have a fresh glass of orange every evening.”

It was four in the evening.

We didn’t tell her anything. We all thought that orange juice is for those who feel the need for it. We children could do without a “fresh glass” of orange juice.

So, Gran Anny asked our servant to bring four kilos of fresh oranges from the market and he soon brought it.

Gran Anny went into the kitchen and made eight glasses of fresh orange juice. We are three brothers and sisters and we live with our parents and father was at his office.

Ma was resting at that time. We woke our mother, who was extremely tired after the whole day’s work and she woke up with red eyes. We told her in whispers-“Mother, Gran Anny has made fresh orange juice for us all.”

Mother woke up with a jumpstart and almost shouted-“What?!!!!!!”

She immediately got out of her bed and went into the kitchen.

Gran Anny had made three glasses of orange juice by that time and was filling the fourth one.

Mother-“Mother what are you doing?”

Gran Anny-“I am preparing orange juice for everyone. It’s extremely good to have a fresh glass of orange juice each evening.”

Mother kept quiet and didn’t say anything.

Soon, Granny served us all the “Freshly made orange juice.”

We all sat around the table and as if drinking our evening milk, we drank the orange juice.

It was good but Granny had forgotten to add sugar in it and it tasted bland.

Gran Anny went around the table to make sure that everyone finished their glass.

At last she sat down on a chair and asked for her glass of orange juice.

We all looked at her. We all sensed something. It was Gran Anny’s specialty to forget.

Mother-“Mother,is it in the kitchen?”

Granny –“In the juicer.”

Mother went into the kitchen and saw that neither was there any oranges left nor was there any orange juice in the juicer.”

There were two oranges in the fruit basket, mother quickly took them out, deseeded them and made a fresh glass of orange juice for her and she didn’t forget to add sugar in it and she served it to Gran Anny.

When Gran Anny tasted it, she said-“This is how orange juice should taste.”

We all simply looked at her.

At six in the evening she left for her home and mother took a breath of relief and told the story of orange juice to us. Upon hearing it, we all burst out laughing.

Ha! Gran Anny had forgotten again. We had guessed at that time.

“This is how orange juice should taste”. We all mimicked Gran Anny and laughed a lot, when mother finally put a stop to it, and hushed us all.

Mother said-“Gran Anny is our elder. We must not make fun of her”.

When she left, we all felt sad. It felt as if the whole house was empty.

This time she didn’t give us any chocolates, but gave us a book which had stories of Jesus.



Eternally Happy.

Eternally happy is a man who has nothing to lose. He can write, he can dream, he can laugh and he can sing. There is no sadness upon which he has not touched or sadness doesn’t exist for him(which happens very rarely). All the emotions, feelings, desires, passions have been overcome by him.

Thus, he his happy. If he fails, then he also he is happy. If he passes then also, he is much happy.

It’s an unimaginable and unique situation. We all try to be eternally happy so that we can keep our boats rocking but very, very few are always and truly happy. They are so happy that when darkness creeps upon them, that also brings them enlightenment and they remain happy.

There is another gateway of being happy always and forever and that is having the privilege of being with God.



The Feelings Of A Soul.

The feelings of a soul comes from deep inside of its core. A soul in its nascent form is a ball of pure light. As and when a soul grows, it manifests into a being which develops and prospers according to its needs. Some become needy, some selfish, some good, some very good and most become bad or slowly they become rotten.

Yet, the feelings don’t change. What gets imbibed into one’s feelings is emotion and drama.

Without emotion, hardly any feelings happens. Though one may feel hungry, one may feel sad at the same time. Hunger is evoked with the feeling of being hungry, i.e. the sensation of having an empty stomach.

Happiness and sadness do have emotions in them. While hunger doesn’t. When you have a beautiful and tasty dish and your hunger is satisfied then emotion lunges into your hunger and you feel overwhelmed. If you have food made by your mother after many days then, definitely each and every emotion available and made would be coursing through your mind, heart and soul.

The feelings of each soul are unique yet they are the same. The feeling after scoring hundred out of hundred in mathematics is of being jubilant, extreme happiness and pride.

When you pray to God for anything which you want and he answers it, then you feel more blissful, happy and exultant.

Love is another beautiful feeling, on which I will write later on.



Ma made tea.

Ma made tea and brought it in a cup, placed on a saucer. On that saucer she had kept two biscuits and with a certain blink in her eyes, she asked me to drink the tea.

I took a sip. It smelled of jasmine. I asked Ma-“Ma, how did you prepare this tea? There is a sweet aroma of Jasmine in it.”

Ma-“I have my own way of preparing it. The jasmine tea leaves are a new addition to it. It has a very rich taste.”

Me-“Yes, it does Ma.”

Soon before I could finish my tea, I had two more biscuits and have placed a demand to my mother, that from now onwards I want this same tea for morning and evening.

Ma smiled hearing demand and said –“Yes.”



The Village Woman Who wanted To Buy A Television.

Once, we were travelling to a distant city via car. On the way over there, the places are full of rural lives. At a juncture, we stopped our car and had sugarcane juice over there in tall glasses. The juice tasted wonderful.

At the opposite side of the juice center a woman was cooking and selling food. Ma and me, we went over to that shop.

 It was being run by a village woman and what attracted Ma was that she was making omelettes using a large and colourful ladle.  The village woman asked Ma-“Shall I pack two omelettes for you?”

Ma-“No,no I just had sugarcane juice to my fill.”


She-“Where are you from?”

Ma-“From a distant city.”

She-“I have been living in this village since my childhood, I was born here.”

Ma-“ Do you manage this food outlet by yourself?”

She-“Most of the times. My son helps sometimes.”

Ma-“Where is your home?”

She-“Its nearby. I have a big cattle ranch and there are many cows in it. We also sell milk. The cows give us a lot of milk.”

Ma-“What does your husband do?”

She-“He’s a farmer. Yet he behaves like a city man.”

Ma-“Why do you say so?”

She-“He loves to watch cricket matches on television.”

Ma-“So? Everyone loves cricket.”

She-“But every now and then he would be crooning near my ears that if we had television set, then I could watch those matches.”

Ma-“ Don’t you have a television set at your home?”


Ma-“Then where does your husband watch those cricket matches?”

She-“Near, the Panchayat office, there is a small room. All men have pitched in and given some money so that they can buy a small television set for watching matches. So I am saving money to buy a big television set and for my daughter’s marriage too.”

Ma-“That will lead to more people coming over to your house to watch on the television.”

She-” I would keep it off most of the times and during afternoon when everyone rests, I would watch old movies.”

Ma-“Does, your village have electricity?”

She-“Yes, nearly a year, electricity was given to the whole village.”

Ma-“Good. Pack two omelettes for us.”

She-“Hearing those words from Ma her face lit up and with those omelettes she packed two freshly made small breads for us. She didn’t charge her for the bread, but Ma gave her the payment for the bread too.

The village woman said-“This village is my life. My whole happiness lies in being here.”

Ma-“Good for you. Village life is simple, happy and wonderful.”

She-“Yes and nodded her head.”

Then we went back to our car and our journey resumed.

While travelling I thought that we have so many askings, but the village woman had few. She had also said that she needs to give her daughter’ marriage. Had she not been saving money to buy a television set, she would be free to pursue her dreams, celebrate her daughter’s marriage in a grand way and save more money for her pension and savings.

We ate those omelettes on our way and they tasted smooth, soft and beautiful. They smelt smoky and different with the bread.

Such is the journey of life.