Did you See Me?

I saw you,

Wearing that red shirt,

Walking down the street.

You were happy, Eating that Bagel.

I noticed that while getting into the cab,

You dropped your handkerchief.

When you picked it up,

It was dirtied.

But anyway, you kept it in your pocket.

After reaching your office, you prayed to lord,

That may you have a good day at it,

But when he answered back to you,

You were busy writing a report to your nasty and clumsy boss.

You went back home and ate that sandwich,

Slept with your mobile,

Hoping for a call from your boss,

To know whether tomorrow he will chew your head or not.

You slept till two (am),

Then woke up and had a midnight breakfast.

Early in the morning you slept for forty five minutes in the toilet,

Before realizing where you were.

In the office you seemed grumpy and your boss seemed grumpier,

Yet you managed to give him the skip,

By observing his daily tactics.                                                                                       

But even after observing so much, you didn’t see me.

You never look where one should always look,

You are busy in the worldly life,

While I am busy in the airy life.

Now tell me who am I?

Am I wind –NO.

Am I your soul?—NO.

Then who am I?

I am your Bluetooth headphone, connected to your ears.

But now I can’t take it anymore,

Please take me off, give me some rest.

 Charge me later,

 As I request at your better health’s behest. Adios!

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