Beyond Anything.

Words empower us to speak our mind everyday.

Mind often gets confused by thoughts, imaginations and influx of words.

Only God’s love is the eternal truth that is beyond anything.

Many, many philosophers, God centric people, spiritualists, astrologers, psychics, etc., have tried to explain God’s love but couldn’t do justice to it. Very rare and very, very few persons have succeeded in explaining it.

Mostly, whatever touches a man’s heart, a man expresses that, but it doesn’t explain and can’t explain what God’s love is.

It’s like a precious jewel which can be worn by few, yet it is with all.

It’s a jewel which has no shine, no glitter, yet it is the shiniest of all.

Only its shine and originality is hidden by people’s idiocy and over bearance of their minds.

(God’s love is infinite and to be in it is God’s gift).

God’s love is truly beyond anything.

Humans are very small infront of him and when they even feel a miniscule bit of his love, they will know what they are and what God is.

Even to feel his love, one has to sacrifice a lot. It isn’t a child’s play nor an adult’s play.

It’s an instant flow of love which cannot be explained, cannot be measured and cannot be thought of. It simply can be felt.

God does love all of us, but we fail to recognize it.

It is a lopsided feature of being a human being.

A mother’s love for her child is also beyond words. It cannot be explained, cannot be measured, and cannot be thought of. It simply can be felt and be basked and glowed in.

Those who have received their mother’s love will definitely know what God’s love is.


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