A Rockstar in Heaven.

Many of my friends are there in heaven. Whether you believe it or not its completely upto you. They are workers of multiple dimensions and few of them were famous too.

My maternal grandfather who was a friend, a guide, a dove, a light being and a human in humanity had passed away on the night of 20th January 1995. I will never ever forget that night for the rest of my life.  The whole atmosphere was sad and it felt as if we were hanging in a space which had no hooks to hold on to and no base to stand on.

Few years later one night I could distinctly hear someone playing guitar in metallic style in my dream and when I tried to find out more about it, what do I see? It’s my maternal grandfather who was playing the song and when Ma bought me a Ps2 Guitar band set, I started singing the song “Gasoline” and I could distinctly see that my maternal grandfather was jamming with that song.

A rockstar isn’t a person who wears a headband, a few pieces of fashion jewellery, pierces his tongue and does odd things. Rockstar is a person who has that aura to become a High one. It takes something which is very very very seldom given by God to anyone. The main criteria to achieve that gift from God is to have self, heart and courage. A trio of these is virtually absent from beings on these planets. They only try to be. But you have to be to try.

SO, dearest grandpa, the stage is all yours,

Your loving daughter, son –in-law and grandson.

N.B.- The moment my grandmother joined him up there, his quality of jamming and music is billion times better.


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