Friends are made of life and for life. In true friendship, there is no give or take. As the old saying goes,”a friend in need is a friend indeed.” A school friend shall be your friend forever, if the bonding and understanding between you and your friend is excellent.

College friendship is like two minute fame. It goes as soon it comes. It is a tag which is attributed to all known college acquaintances.

But in times where dollar fluctuates everyday, where prices of crude oil keeps on slipping every now and then, wherefrom will a friendship stand in the test of time?

After graduating from college, most friendships become a Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp friendship, without the involvement or emotion of being friends. Once those who were besties, are now simply portals of daily life useless news.

To have a good friend is good, but to have a true, rare and great friend is a gift from God Almighty.

So, friendship in its meaning, worth and truth is virtually non-existent nowadays, but somewhere one in a million you would find a true friend who simply might be waiting for you or you might be waiting for him or her to be best and true of friends forever and ever.

Friendship is such a boon from God, that it like a beautiful flower which doesn’t come with any clause.

Such is and should be friendship.


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