Without That!

“Without that” is an important expression. “Without that”, just stop there and think that what you could have done “without that”.

“Without that” pinch of salt in food, your food would be as tasteless as air.

“Without that” school in the locality, all students would have been going to school located a few localities away.

“Without that” game of ludo, the whole afternoon would have been boring.

“Without that” subject of mathematics all pupils in the world would have fared extremely well in examinations.

“Without that” morning bus, many people couldn’t have gone to their work and scores of students most definitely would have bunked school.

A beautiful plumcake, “without that” Christmas is incomplete.

A cosy blanket is very much needed for your bed, “without that” your sleep would be unpleasant.

A baby’s mother is never satisfied, if the baby doesn’t cry. “Without that” cry a baby is incomplete.

If a bouquet is filled with Lilies, Hyacinths, Jasmines and bulbs, but if it doesn’t have Rose in it, then it is incomplete “without that”.

A Bengali menu is incomplete if fish is not present in it. “Without that” delicious plate of fish, a Bengali is very unhappy.

“Without that” scolding from Ma or Baba, how could we all have grown up to be whatever we are?

So, inexplicably, “without that” is not “without that”. It is “what is” with it.

Hope you have experienced “without that”.


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