Mango Lollypop Atop an Vanilla Butterscotch Ice Cream in Rio de Janeiro.

An ice cream vendor in Rio de Janeiro was standing quietly on the side of the street. My friend who now lives there, had just come out of a movie theater where he had eaten a hot Cubano sandwich. Not only that, he had very happily munched upon the chillies served as a side with it.

Luckily, he hadn’t brought the sandwich while watching the cinema. He had bought the sandwich after the movie got over or otherwise he would have been in a very bad condition..

So, before he could feel the heat of the sandwich, he had spotted the ice cream vendor and rushed to him.

Keeping one hand on his face and the other on the ice cream stand, the vendor had fallen asleep.

When Martin (my friend’s name) came and demanded that he must give the ice cream as quickly as possible, the seller woke with a jolted start and went back to his sleep. Martin banged the ice cream stand top and loudly asked for an ice cream.

The seller replied-“I don’t sell ice creams. Go away.”

This time Martin, instead of banging the counter, shook the man quite vigorously. Had it been anyone else, he would have been in a serious trouble.This time the ice cream vendor woke up, rubbed his eyes mercilessly and opening the top of the ice cream fridge, he placed two scoops of vanilla butterscotch ice cream in a cup. Then he opened a box and out of that box he brought out a mango lollypop and with precision removed the stick of the lollypop and placed the lollypop on the top of the ice cream and gave Martin the cup with a small wooden ice cream stick and then like a grumpy person, went back to sleep.

Martin relishingly finished his ice cream and he had kept the mango lollypop for the last bit and he told me that it tasted thousand times better than the ice cream.

He again woke up the man, to pay the price. The ice cream seller said in a sleepy baritone-“ twenty reals. (Money in Brazil is Brazilian reals)”. He took the money from Martin and taking the money he went back to sleep. Martin who had finished keeping the change back in his pocket, woke him up again and asked-“sir, how much for ten lollypops?”

Hearing this question, the ice cream vendor woke up with such a bright face that it seemed that he had won the lottery. He replied-“ ten reals .My daughter makes those “mango lollypops” and I bring them everyday with me to sell, but I can’t sell them as much. Today, by asking for ten lollypops, you have made me very happy. Take these four lollypops for free.”

Martin bought twenty more mango lollypops and thanking the ice cream vendor, he went home happily. The vendor too had thanked him in a heartfelt way. He promised Martin a twenty percent discount each and everytime Martin would buy an ice cream or lollypop from him.

Incidents and stories, such as these make life beautiful and wonderful.



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