A small girl and her mother.

On a street bang opposite a famous mall, I saw a small girl in a traditional Maharashtrian saree. The mother and daughter were both dressed in traditional attire. The little girl was small, nearly aged about four to five years, I found it very surprising that traditional Maharashtrian sarees are available for kids too.

There were festivities going on in a nearby place and they were going back home after attending it.

It is very normal for a mother and her kid to go for a walk, but what got my attention was that the small girl was wearing a Santa Claus cap, which was big for her head and it kept falling on her eyes. After walking a few paces, the mother folded the cap precisely, so that it would fit her head perfectly.Seeing her do this, my childhood memories came back, when ma would tuck in my shirt or would help me wear my tie which I faltered in doing so everyday. Ma would do it with 100% perfection and ease and seeing her do it regularly, I learnt to do so, but my tie used to be a bit unnatural wherein when ma used to make my tie, it felt as if  the ties too wanted to be made by her.

Childhood and motherhood go hand in hand, heart in heart.The bond between a child and his parents, especially a small child and his mother is the supreme bond of love which exists.

Christmas is coming and Santa’s cap and other such items are available everywhere now, but Jesus’s Love for each and everyone, is what makes Christmas even merrier.


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