The Red Mountain.

The red mountain,in the far off region of a plateau was all alone.

The area was dry with hardly any vegetation left. There wasn’t a single mountain,hill or tree in its vicinity.

The red mountain was full of iron, so it was even more precious, but hardly very few people came there.

Once three bandits came upon that hill. They found it very interesting, that a hill all alone, in a dry area, was perfect for their hideout.

But all the hell broke lose when they struck the first hoe.

“Who dares to strike a hoe on my mountain?” Reverberated a loud voice. The bandits became so scared that they all ran away.

But they couldn’t go much ahead. Their whole road was blocked by barricades. They became more scared.

“How dare you run away?” That same voice shouted again.

 The bandits started crying.

“You strike a hoe on my mountain and start crying?” That voice asked them loudly.

The bandits shuddered and wet themselves.

Soon a team of angels came down upon that place and arrested those bandits and took them to hell, where they rotted for eternity.

The red mountain was a secret and shall remain so.


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