Joseph Who Didn’t Study.

Joseph didn’t study and he didn’t go to school for the last two years of his life. He was a staff cum boss at his father’s sweet shop. Joseph hardly got the time to even breathe as he had to do all sorts of work for his father, which entailed visiting government offices, printing cards, arranging for goods and getting everything done on time was his priority. So, as it happened, once his school mates came to his shop to buy some sweets. There they informed him that the tenth board exam which he had given two years back, had got him the best marks in two subjects and the board officials were coming to felicitate him.

Hearing this, he simply shrugged and gave them a samosa extra to each of his old friends.

Ram who was his best friend asked-“aren’t you coming to school for the function?”

Joseph-“I didn’t know about it till now and it’s been two years since I have left school.”

Ram-“So, what? You can appear for your examinations and cover up.”

Joseph- “ I have left my studies behind.”

Ram-“Why did you leave your studies behind?”

Joseph-“You know why.”

Ram-“ Its futile speaking to you when you are obstinate to the power infinity.”


Before, the final examinations, Joseph had been deliberately injured by another player who had been the coach’s con and when this matter was reported to the principal, he had simply patted Joseph on the back and had done nothing.

Ram and Joseph’s other friends left for their homes.

The next day newspapers bought a sensation in and around Joseph’s locality. He had been declared topper in five subjects, for the board examinations which he had given two years back.

Now how had all this surfaced?     A teacher from the board examinations department had leaked it out to the authorities that on being asked by the principal of the school, they had fudged Joseph’s marks and now that teacher had been sacked by the board as the same principal had given evidences of marks tampering against him, so he too had babbled everything out.

Joseph had suspected this from the beginning but had kept his mouth shut and now the whole had gathered in front of his sweet shop, to have a look at Joseph.

But Joseph hadn’t gone to the shop that day. Instead he had gone to a nearby village where everything was calm and quiet.

He returned home when the whole hullaboo had got over and found out that the principal had been sacked and he was on the run. It appeared that he had favoured few other candidates to get the school’s highest marks records.

Joseph was felicitated very grandly and everyone knew and recognized him, but he never entered school nor did he join any college or any other institution. Instead he became a private tutor for poor kids and often helped them understand the fundamental of the studies.

This had happened long back but the memories are still fresh. Joseph is one of the unsung heroes, whose mother had a bleeding heart. His parents know him how meticulous and hardworking is he, but Joseph knows that the prizes never come to the people who are poor in aggressive tendencies. He lives happily with his thoughts. His mother cries in pain. He plays flute to his mother and makes her quiet.

It is true. It is true for all of us.





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