Garlic Croissant with Cheese Dip.

Early in the morning a bakery product vendor came to our house and asked if we needed any bakery products. He had an assorted collection of breads, rolls, muffins and cakes in his bag.

At the corner of his bag were two croissants cramped up together. I asked him-“what are those?”

Very casually he replied-“garlic croissants.”

I-“How much for two?”

Him-“Eighty rupees”.

Me-“Give me those two.”

He packed those croissants in paper bag and with that he added two small pickle sort of thing inside the packet.

Me-“What are those two?”


Me-“Of what?”

Him-“ cheese.”


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Then an hour later we sat down to have our breakfast and with it we had those croissants with cheese dips and they tasted good. Having the croissant with tea made the subtle flavours of the garlic croissant, the cheese dip and the tea leaves blend well together and it was a good breakfast; one that reminds of times spend in picnics.

Again ma promised to make those garlic croissants la ma style for me and she even promised a better cheese dip.Anything which ma makes becomes and tastes thousands and millions and billion and trillion and zillion times beautiful, tastier and hippy to eat.


Sai Baba


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