Happy Chinese New Year-The Year of The Pig.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019. The Year of the Pig has begun today on 5th February 2019, Tuesday.

Celebrations have been going on throughout the world. I had done a course on Mandarin language few years back as it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. My dad had got a job after two weeks the new Chinese year had began three years back. The job was in Vietnam, where they celebrate it and while the celebrations go on, there are continuous holidays where in schools, colleges and offices(public and private) are closed for the new Lunar year.

The Lunar year which began today, is a considered an auspicious time, with people celebrating with fireworks, cleaning their house, to remove all bad vibrations from the house and to bring in good fortune and vibrations in their house. Its a time for prosperity, good fortune and celebrations.

Many countries such as Laos, Cambodia, China, Vietnam celebrate the Chinese New Year with grand festivities and yesterday was my mother’s birthday, so I am very happy that the Chinese new year has begun nearly on Ma’s birthday.

I wish you all a Happy Chinese new year.

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