Skewered Seekh Kebab with Pudina Chutney.

Ma, baba and me, we were walking down a street where scores and scores of kebabs are sold on the streets. The nights are a bit cold due the incoming winter season. But when walking down that street you wouldn’t feel even an ounce of coldness as the tandoors are always running at the full speed and the cook and the waiter wouldn’t give you a run down of the menu plus they are continuously sweating from heat. It sometimes feels as if by magic the names of the kebabs would be known to you. Mostly the name and fame of any kebab shop spreads by mouth and people generally go to such shops with friends and as always there would be an all knowing friend who would describe and name the kebabs for you.

So, looking at those kebabs, I found that my insides were 50% empty,therefore, I asked ma and baba to buy kebabs, plus we hadn’t had any tea and snacks in the evening. There wasn’t a huge rush but the men behind the counter were so busy that, it took atleast five minutes before a person took down our order.

I was waiting outside with ma and dad came and told us that he had placed the order. Now we simply had to wait. Ten minutes had gone, yet our kebabs were nowhere to be seen. Then suddenly a waiter came out a placed three plates on the table infront of us and he said-“aapke kebabs” (meaning your kebabs). When you place your order at any street side restaurant, what happens is that you have to eat your food standing and if  flies disturb you while you are having your food then it gets very irritating. So, as soon as we started eating the kebabs with the pudina chutney provided, we found out two things. They are:-

  1. The seekh kebabs were extremely hot and the chutney was tangy.

2.There were no flies to disturb only the incessant and constant honking of cars.

The kebabs turned out to be beautiful. They were cooked to near perfection, tender to eat with the chutney serving as a tantalizingly tangy base to it.


seekh kebab 1.png

After having the kebabs we had a cup of masala tea each. Our evening became as serene as the walk near the Corniche, which was once very near to our house.

shallow focus photo of orange ceramic mug on white saucer




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