Self Sufficient.

Being self – sufficient is a big thing. We all are small gobs of balls dependent on our parents. A small baby till he grows upto be an adult, is in the various stages of being a self-sufficient individual.

Most people, have the trouble of being non self sufficient in the matters of cooking and cleaning the house. In this modern world, people are highly dependent on ready to eat food products.If you ask any single living person that what he or she can cook, the answer would be-“tea and maggi”.

For these three words God has to work day and night giving this creation boundless knowledge and his heartfelt love.

Self sufficiency is an inbuilt trait which does not come easily. More than we often notice, we all are highly dependent on others. For example:- You need to go to your office early in the morning and for that your breakfast and tiffin needs to be prepared and for that you are dependent on your mother/wife/house maid or you will go on an empty stomach to office and be an empty mind also.

When in college, students have very bad habit of bunking their breakfast and tiffins. The conversation between a student and his mother goes as this-“Yo, mom, I would have my tiffin with my friends. Don’t worry, love you ma,bye.” The next scenario would be stomach ache and acidity and at the end of the day, eating curd rice made by his mother. Acting brave and being brave are two different things.

Cleaning the house is another example of self sufficiency, which people hardly do. They will live in dungs of heaps of garbage, but will not take broom and brush in their hands and clean the house.

Studies is another thing where self sufficiency comes into play, as students now a days are nothing great than mechanical robots. They are tuition fed and the answer and marks are kept ready on a platter for them. You just need to go and get it.

Though we think we are self sufficient, we are not. Those who think that they are, they all are basically like a big harp which needs to be taken care of and with delicacy and perfection it needs to be played. Try playing a harp, then you would know what being self- sufficient is.

When a young woman/woman becomes a mother and a young man/man becomes a father then they become self sufficient, inorder to take care of their small baby, for whom the world consists only of his or her parents.But many such parents fail and they inturn to their parents for help to bring up their child, but very proudly I can say that my parents didn’t. They were able to bring me up on their own and that is the only achievement that I have in my life.


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