Climbing on a tree?

To be able to climb a tree as much higher as possible is an adventure that one never forgets. From that height to see the hills or the plantain views is a memory that we all cheer for ever. If you ever climbed a tree near a sea side, then you will know what it feels to be a lighthouse.  But tree climbing is dangerous and not advisable to each and everyone.

Once, upon a time making a tree top house would be a privilege and honour. Sometimes we would take pastries to eat after climbing a tree and many a time we used to solemnly eat the pastries and didn’t bother about climbing the tree.

Professional tree climbers who climb to bring down mangoes and coconuts from those trees, are very skilled. In places which are outside the city area, trees laden with fruits can be found. Many children learn to climb the tree in the greed for the tasty fruits. Tree climbers also have developed strong calf muscles.

In rainy seasons, small kids feel an utmost need to climb a tree and to sit on a branch. During rains, the tree branches become soft and often crumble, leading to the child getting hurt. Tree climbing is an inspiring sport. Suppose a boy has climbed a tree and his friend hasn’t. He would start gesturing and making face to his friend-“I have climbed the tree, you haven’t, boo-boo, loser”.

Children would climb Mango/Lichi/Guava tree to collect the fruits.

Monkeys climb onto trees with agility and speed and men often try to copy them, but they have forgotten that they themselves have evolved from monkeys.

closeup photo of brown baby monkey

I would never ever advise tree climbing to anyone. Each and every sports has its own regulations. Always maintain your safety and instead of climbing tree, give that tree a big hug so that it lives for more and more years and basks in your love and care.



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