Passion is the life force, the fire which burns inside a person. You can always hear be passionate, do this, do that, but true passion comes from love and realization about a particular field or thing.The passion to do anything is what drives a person to perfection and capability in his or her field of interest. The passion for aeroplanes is what makes a person to become a pilot or to become an aeronautical engineer. The passion to help and cure people leads to a person becoming a doctor.

Passion is not only a force, it’s the inner power which fuels a mind towards a definite and exact goal. Though many a times passion fails a person as that person may not succeed or that particular passion may not exactly lead to the place where that person wants to go.

Cricketers, footballers, other sports persons are very passionate about their individual sports. It is the very life force which keeps them alive. They think,sleep and eat their passion.

Musicians eat, drink, live and sleep music. Nothing else exists in their world. Passion should be as fiery and fierce as the mother tiger who wouldn’t let any harm come to her cubs. Small kids often develop different interests in various fields such as drawing, painting, cricket, mathematics, science, literature, sports such as long run, short run, high jump, 400 mt race,etc,. Some and many are very much passionate about stamp collections. So,out of all these fields off interest and passion, they select one field of passion to grow in and to develop when they grow up.

The more passionate an artist or a musician is, the more better his work would be. If his passion resonates with his heart then it will surely and definitely show in his work.

Passion can make a person live, be happy and give wonderful dimensions to one’s life as it is the only thing which keeps anybody in his own sphere.

A writer’s passion is to write stories which make his audience happy.

As a blog writer it is my passion to produce something which is not unnatural but full of beauty, love, grace and a freedom from the boredom of this world.

To grow, to develop and to be sync with your inner core is one of the goals of life and when one can truly do so, always know it to be a gift from God,because no good passion exists without him.


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