Music on a Bus.


Have you ever travelled in an open double decker bus? Many of you surely have.

The wind ruffling your hair, the beautiful and exotic scenery making you feel as a part of the city, and a part of you wishing that you were a bonafide member of that place. Such wonderful feelings do come and dwindle your heart. The fresh air compared to the exhaust pipes which give out wonderful fragrances out of the cars below that fill one’s lungs with carbon monoxide and dust particles. So sitting in the open bus is definitely a better option than riding a bike or any open top vehicle.

In the open bus, a music band were travelling to a certain part of the city and they had booked seats grouped together at the corner. As the wind was flowing continuously bringing pleasure and happiness to all, the guitarist of the band, played the chord E on his guitar. Then he played out a melodious tune. On hearing his tune, the bongo player adjusted his instrument and brought out a nice beat. Soon enough the whole band were syncing together and playing something out which suited the surrounding environment.



The people started clapping their hands and like baby birds coming out of their shells, soon they began crooning and sometimes they sang out loud enough to get stares from people who were walking down the streets. On hearing the sweet tunes of the flute, the sparrows came and sat on the railings of the bus. When the bus reached at the band’s destination, the band took a bow and all the people gave them a hearty clap.


Music is spontaneous, music is love and it is what bridges the gap between all and makes everyone more inclined towards their own self.

Hope your journey has been as beautiful as this one.

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