Pistachio Cookies with Sweet Cream.

Have you ever eaten a cookie made out of pistachios? Well we have. Few days back, we had gone to a cookie store and from there we had bought three boxes of pistachio cookies and with each box they had given us a small container of sweet cream. After buying those cookies we went straight to a garden and under a large and shaded tree we sat down to have those cookies with sweet cream.

Each box contained eight cookies and the sweet cream was simply not enough for each one of them, but we managed. Ma had brought hot tea in a thermos flask from home, so we all enjoyed tea with pistachio cookies. The pistachio cookies taste like pistachio mixed cookie crumbles and they taste a bit sweet. Those cookies are quite healthy and very hearty to have. While we were having our little picnic, three sparrows came and started chirping. We gave them small bits and chunk of our cookies and the sparrows fluttering their wings and making sweet and nice sounds gobbled up the cookies. The hot tea was very much needed and refreshed our souls.

It was a happy day and happiness is what keeps life running. Throughout the day, the sun shined brightly for us.


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