A Pink Flower.

Sai baba of shirdi

In an altar at a temple, I saw a small pink flower laid as offering to Lord Rama. We were mesmerized by the small and beautiful flower. I asked the nearby flower seller about the small pink flower which was laid at Lord Rama’s feet and he told me that it was a special  flower which he had procured for a festive occasion from a faraway village.

On asking about the cost he said-“eighty rupees for each”.

“Can you procure some of these flowers for me?”

He replied-“Yes. Half an hour ago, I received a bunch of those flowers. Here take these bunch for three hundred and fifty rupees.”

He gave me seven flowers for Rs.350.

On seeing and smelling the bunch of small pink flowers, we became very happy.

After reaching home, we placed those flowers on the feet of Lord Sai Baba and the day became happy.

Sai Baba 1.png


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