Three Competing Kites.


Kite no.1 is red-yellow-blue in colour. Kite no.2 is silver in colour and kite no.3 is magenta in colour. The kites were flying low as three boys were competing against each other. In an open play ground they were enjoying the morning fresh air. Suddenly the wind started blowing at a higher speed and the kites went up higher and higher; then it didn’t remain a competition any more but a fight with the wind to save their own kites.

The three different kites started flying in three different directions. One went straight up in the air, the second went left and the third went right. Generally in a competition kites fly near to one another and the opponents try to cut each other’s kited down. But here the kites kept flying high until the boys couldn’t keep looking at it any more as the sun was shining right into their eyes.

The tussle with the wind continued for few more minutes and the kites were brought down after a lot of efforts.

The competition resulted in a draw and to commemorate the occasion of draw in the competition; the three friends went to the ice cream “wala” standing at the gate of the playground and bought three vanilla sticks and relishingly having them went home to have their baths.

After fifteen minutes, one of the friends came out of his house and started flying his kite, but was careful about the height to which he allowed his kite to soar.

In the evening the three friends met again and they decided together that the next day they  would come wearing sunglasses (to prevent the sunlight) and ensure that a proper competition of kites is played between the three of them.


assorted color kites

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