Happy Birthday Dad.

Many Many Happy Returns of the day. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. You are only my father. No one else’s. Today we are playing the birthday song for you and some other music. I cherish my childhood thoughts, when I used to miss you every now and then. I do not know how much care and purity you have given me to bring me up. Any trivial matter if against you with mom, I used to take your side and ask mom to agree with you. If I stretch my hand, I cannot show that how much I love you. I love you daddy. I love you the most. I am living for you and mom and I am very very much proud to be yours and mom’s only child and son.


When you used to shave your beard, I used to stand with you and try to act like you, so that I too can be like “daddy himself”. I have learnt a lot from you and will keep on learning.

Be happy always dad. Grow more and more everyday so that your protective shadow grows wider and shadier and never forget that I love you, though you know it everyday.


In your totality, let me find my arc. Your perspective is all inclusive and dynamic and energetic. You are an all giver and there are very very very few who are like you.

You are so, so, so busy in work that we feel sometimes that you have forgotten us. That is our possessive attitude.

Wish you the happiest birthday you have had ever. Keep on smiling and always stand strong. Aspire for more and more good things.


Let you be blessed with our love and respect.

Wish you a very very sweet, wonderful and merry happy birthday.

From mom and me.

Where is our return gift? Are we getting any? Asking list is long as always.

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