A Happy Flower.

Flowers are the beings who make us laugh, make us happy and help us to be in sync with ourselves. Roses are a symbol of universal love. If you ever present a person with a rose, it will instantly bring a smile to his or her face and if a bouquet is given to person, it is bound to make them overjoyed. Only a dumb and sarcastic person will not appreciate the beauty and the magnificence of it.

Now a days, there are various type of roses available, but a rose be it any, brings a huge smile and happiness to a home and a person.

red rose flower

In the same way the flowers themselves need to be happy to survive, to prosper and to grow more beautifully ever and ever.

A flower, early in the morning smiles and becomes very happy in the morning, when it receives sunlight, water and all the love from God Almighty. They shine and bask in God’s light and love and that is the only food that keeps them cherished and happy, without which they can hardly survive.

Sunflower, rose, lily, hibiscus, lotus, tulip,marigold, etc., have one thing in common and that is they all are always happy and they make everyone very happy including God, the atmosphere, the hemisphere, babies, men and women old or young.

If you ever get to smell them, as and when they are plucked fresh, you will find that their smell is reinvigorating, nice and so fresh, that all your pain, stiffness and unhappiness vanishes away in a jiffy.

Sunflowers are the best example of a happy flower.At night, they go to sleep with their petals closing in, but as soon as the first ray of sunlight reaches them, the petals start opening up one by one and slowly- slowly as the sun reaches it’s brightness, the sunflower blooms.

pink petaled flowers

A blooming sunflower is the most natural and significant symbol of happiness.

Anyone who has a garden or a nursery and a has a patch where a lot of sunflowers grow, that person can always have a happy morning, if he or she takes just a glance at those blooming sunflowers.

God’s creation and his mercy is infinite. In the smaller things are the balls of happiness and peace hidden. The more you want, the less happy you become.

close up photo of sunflower


photo of green grass field


wood light vacation picnic


A happy flower.png

A happy flower won’t ask for anything more, as it has reached the zenith which each and everyone wants and has to reach to.


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