Movies with Butter Caramel Popcorn with Red hot Chips a la Cold Drinks at HOME.

Butter Caramel popcorn is a subtle invention of humans. They are best utilized while watching movies and they go best with red hot chips.

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Imagine yourself slouched on the couch like a couch potato, watching your favourite action or adventure movie and as it starts, there are always some dull moments and at that time you can crunch a few of those caramel popcorns. In between the movie, there are few scenes which invigorate you, popping a handful of popcorns into your mouth comes in handy as they help you understand those scintillating moments.

As the movie rolls on, crunch on those red hot chips as you want, whenever you want.

With movie picking up speed, you would want to and need to refill your quota of popcorn and chips.

Majority have the habit of having popcorn or chips frequently or every two minutes while watching the movie. They hardly concentrate on the movie as they are more hung on the chips and as well as on the popcorn.

Then comes in the soft drinks or cold drinks. While watching a movie at home, a chilled bottled of cold drinks, keeps the level of hotness down. Popcorns and chips are all time favourites, but cold drinks keep the ship moving. The moment you gulp down a swig from the cold drink bottle, your mouth to stomach feels a cool sensation, that keeps the mind in check to let it further process the movie.

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When the climax rolls in, suddenly one’s full attention goes to the TV screen and the popcorn with the chips are left for the salivary glands to roll them down into the stomach, as the mouth remains wide open. Often this leads choking and spluttering and many a times, the chips simply melts in the mouth and after the climax gets over, that person tries to chew on the chips, but by that time ,they have become soggy or gooey.

It is always better to finish of the caramel popcorn, the chips and the cold drinks in the first half of the movie or who knows,they might become extinct by the time the movie gets over, as movie watching is seldom business, it takes a friend or a whole family to understand the core and matter of the film.

Coming to conclusion, it is always better to have a larger bowl of caramel popcorn, red hot chips and atleast a bottle of cold water while watching a movie with the family. If the emotions are on the high, then it very much leads to the vamoosing of all and any food in the vicinity.

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